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Beth Childs holding her first police partner in her arms as he bleeds out after getting stabbed during a drug bust, radioing for help but having to watch him die before the ambulance arrives.

Beth Childs taking up running as a hobby to get over the trauma of the incident.

Beth Childs finding out that she will never be able to have children of her own.

Beth Childs watching as Paul fell out of love with her but having him stick around so she can feel the coldness in the air every time he comes into the room, so she can watch his eyes fills with disgust every time he looks at her or touches her.

Beth Childs receiving Katja Obinger’s phone call and realizing that it is up to her to protect her sisters.

Beth Childs making the decision to kill Maggie Chen and put her life and career on the line so that she can keep her sisters safe.

Beth Childs falling in love with Alison Hendrix but realizing that she loves her too much to tear her away from Donnie and her children.

Beth Childs teaching Alison everything she knows because she feels her grasp on sanity slipping and she isn’t sure if she’ll always be around to protect Alison.

Beth Childs waking up every night in a cold sweat after nightmares of the Prolethean assassin and Maggie Chen, bloodstained and screaming, chasing her through the darkness.

Beth Childs seeking numbness in her medication.

Beth Childs driving to the train station and wondering if Art will miss her or not.

Beth Childs driving to the train station and purposefully not thinking of Alison Hendrix.

Beth Childs being a human and a hero and a precious member of the Clone Club.

Beth Childs giving everyone so many feelings because she was brave and wonderful and heartbroken and hurt.



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  • teacher: who's the most influential person in your life
  • me: naruto
  • teacher: what
  • me: what